Small projects (01)

This is a smaller project I recently made for someone’s birthday (she just wanted a handmade card, so I put my applique skills to good use): I will keep adding photos of smaller projects to this blog post so I don’t clutter my blog too much.

Exhibition: British Textile Biennial (4)

I joined the British Textile Biennial ‘Slow stitch and indigo shibori workshop with Justine Aldersey-Williams‘ held at the Pendle Heritage Centre. Justine introduced us to indigo as a dye, which fibres you can dye with natural dyes (showing a video of her impressive swatch book!), and she talked about the impact of chemical dyes and… Continue reading Exhibition: British Textile Biennial (4)

Sewing tutorial (05): Tailor’s ham

One thing I learned the existence of through reading Reader’s Digest ‘Complete Guide to Sewing’ is a tailor’s ham. It is a tool to help press curved seams so you can press such a seam without flattening the garment. This book also has a tutorial on how to make a tailor’s ham yourself! You will… Continue reading Sewing tutorial (05): Tailor’s ham

Decoration tutorial (01): Upgrading a garment

I was writing a comment on Reddit with tips on how to make a (fancy) garment stretch further by altering it to essentially become a new garment. I think those tips can be helpful to anyone on a budget and/or who wants to get as much wear out of something as possible but who doesn’t… Continue reading Decoration tutorial (01): Upgrading a garment