Small projects (01)

This is a smaller project I recently made for someone’s birthday (she just wanted a handmade card, so I put my applique skills to good use): I will keep adding photos of smaller projects to this blog post so I don’t clutter my blog too much.

Exhibition: British Textile Biennial (4)

I joined the British Textile Biennial ‘Slow stitch and indigo shibori workshop with Justine Aldersey-Williams‘ held at the Pendle Heritage Centre. Justine introduced us to indigo as a dye, which fibres you can dye with natural dyes (showing a video of her impressive swatch book!), and she talked about the impact of chemical dyes and… Continue reading Exhibition: British Textile Biennial (4)

Exhibition: British Textile Biennial (3)

Today I visited two museums to view exhibitions part of the British Textile Biennial 2023. The Soft Acid exhibition is on display at the Helmshore Mills Textile Museum. This exhibition is created by Tenant of Culture (artist Hendrickje Schimmel) and consists of sculptures made from discarded garments and accessories: The exhibition How to be a… Continue reading Exhibition: British Textile Biennial (3)

For sale (004)

I currently have several new handmade bags for sale for which I used mostly second-hand or upcycled materials. This bag is made from a vintage parka/coat. The original pockets are used on both sides of the bag and are fully functional. The bag is lined and has one inner pocket. The cross-body strap is adjustable.… Continue reading For sale (004)

Exhibition: British Textile Biennial (2)

The British Textile Biennial has now been going on for almost a week. I spent the day in Blackburn where six of the venues are located that are exhibiting works as part of the BTB. Today, I visited three of these venues to see four of the exhibitions. Firstly, I visited The Exchange to see… Continue reading Exhibition: British Textile Biennial (2)