Exhibition: British Textile Biennial (1)

Yesterday the British Textile Biennial (programme) was kicked off with the opening lecture held at the Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery. The lecture started off with a brief story about the Penistone cloth on display in the museum. This is a small sample of handspun and handwoven material that was used to create garments for… Continue reading Exhibition: British Textile Biennial (1)

Exhibition – Unpicking Couture

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Manchester Art Gallery to view the exhibition ‘Unpicking Couture’. This exhibition shows some pieces of haute couture from famous designers and also gives the visitor a peek into how this exhibition was designed/planned. I took some photos of an interesting sleeve part of an ‘inside out’ overcoat:… Continue reading Exhibition – Unpicking Couture

Alphabet Superset 2023

I was told about the ‘Alphabet Superset’ challenge run by Struthless (Campbell Walker; see YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/@struthless) and I wanted to take part. However, I don’t have Instagram and that’s probably where ‘everyone’ who takes part is going to be at. So, to find others to share this challenge with, I created an unofficial subreddit page for the… Continue reading Alphabet Superset 2023