Is something only worth doing when it fulfills a most basic need?

I was browsing around on reddit and saw a post about the streetwear industry. One commenter stated they quit making streetwear because they couldn’t stop feeling guilty for advocating useless consumerism. They asked themselves the question “Does the world really need another t-shirt?” and their own answer “was, and is, No.” This comment really got… Continue reading Is something only worth doing when it fulfills a most basic need?

Thrift flipping

I only recently came across the term ‘thrift flipping’, despite having done this activity myself in the past. Thrift flipping is described by some as simply buying items from second-hand shops and selling them for more money. Others state that thrift flipping includes altering the item to increase its value/attractiveness and then selling this altered… Continue reading Thrift flipping

Kingdom of Dreams

I recently watched the ‘Kingdom of Dreams’ mini series on NOW streaming TV. The series covers how fashion houses were in a bit of a slump around the 1980’s but were revived by very wealthy business men creating consortia of multiple luxury brands who hired talented, young designers for these brands. This modernised luxury fashion… Continue reading Kingdom of Dreams

Active wear

I’ve uploaded my first newly-made garment to Depop, a see-through wrap skirt, find it in my shop: I love browsing Depop because there’s no end to the variety of garments and accessories: I always see something I love and get inspiration for making my own things. One brand I didn’t yet know and came… Continue reading Active wear