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In the past few days I worked on three garments that I have now listed on my Depop shop.

The first is made from a new men’s shirt I bought at a charity shop. I really like the fabric but the style of the shirt was very plain. I cut off the sleeves and then cut the top of the shirt off to create a women’s camisole top neckline. I then trimmed the bottom so the top would sit around the waist instead of be too long. I took in the side seams a little to fit a women’s S/M. I used neon pink stretch fabric I bought second hand (as a piece of leftover craft fabric) to finish the top edges and as the straps. Initially I had sewn the button opening shut but after realising this would make the top hard to put on, I opened it up so the button opening is fully functional. I used contrasting stitching at the hem to allow for some fraying. Find it here:

The second item is also a ‘thrift flipped’ men’s shirt that I turned into a camisole crop top. Find it here:

The third item is a FatFace jeans skirt I bought second hand. It’s in excellent condition but a little plain. I added applique eyes on the sides using bright green (remnant from an earlier project), neon pink (charity shop), and PVC covered red (remnant from an earlier project) fabrics. I finished this using a dark blue trim (charity shop). This skirt would look amazing as part of a festival or rave outfit. Find it here:

This is perhaps the first applique I’ve done, for sure in a really long time. It was fun to do and a great way to use up scraps and trimmings so I will definitely be doing more of it!

By Alex

I have been crafting since early childhood and currently do mostly sewing and illustration. 'Almalauha' is the project I started to showcase my sewing/fashion hobby, at least that was the plan. But because I like a million different arts/crafts things, I'm just going to share most of the creative things I do on this blog.

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