Princess dress

I made a Princess dress for a 5-year old. I didn’t use a pattern, I just cut out the fabric pieces by eye and used a measuring tape to ensure I was making the dress to the right dimensions. Sorry, no in-progress pictures! It was a fair bit of work but not that hard as… Continue reading Princess dress

Inspired – The art of making historical fashion

I recently visited the Bankfield museum in Halifax. They have several permanent exhibitions as well as some temporary exhibitions. They now have ‘Inspired – The art of making historical fashion’ on until the 21st of December 2024: This exhibition covers people who make historical costumes or costumes inspired by historical costumes, including a maker of… Continue reading Inspired – The art of making historical fashion

Sewing course 2024 (3)

During this week’s sewing class we were shown some techniques and materials for creating applique, reverse applique, and free-motion embroidery. I made this really fun applique artwork (see below for how I made this). It’s for sale in my eBay shop: One material that was shown is dissolvable fabric. It looks like thick cling film,… Continue reading Sewing course 2024 (3)

Paper making (01)

I watched a short clip on Instagram of someone making paper from used/scrap paper, and it looked really easy. I thought: I can do this! So, I took a piece of double corrugated card of approximately 30 x 40 cm and tore it into smaller pieces. I put this in warm water in a small… Continue reading Paper making (01)


You may wonder what ‘Almalauha’ means. It stems from ‘alma lauha’, the Germanic name for my home town of Almelo, the Netherlands. ‘Alma’ means ‘elm’ and ‘lauha’ refers to woods on sandy ground near a settlement (is there an English word for this?!). My hometown is well old, with the first mention of House of… Continue reading Almalauha?