Sewing course 2024 (1)

I had such a good time at the sewing course last year, that I decided to enroll in the first one of this year as well. I’ve set out a few aims for myself:

  • If they still have the black mesh, I want to make a midi length A-line dress for myself. I will use the serger for this, probably using beads at the shoulder.
  • Design and make a pair of trousers for myself. These are somewhat similar to the pant I made last summer, but this one will be shorter and without the side pockets.
  • Experiment more with applique and stitching to create my own, elaborate textiles. This was introduced to us in the previous course showing amazing examples made by the tutors: I’d like to be able to make something as elaborate. I think I could use such textiles to make bags.



Update: I made the dress! I am considering cutting up the panels that make up the shoulder straps as they are now single pieces with two ‘flaps’ each, and I think I want each piece to become two pieces with one ‘flap’ each, so I might do this in the next couple of weeks. However, this won’t change the overall shape/look of the dress. Note that this is a mesh dress. In the photo, I am wearing the dress over black tights and a spaghetti-strap top:

By Alex

I have been crafting since early childhood and currently do mostly sewing and illustration. 'Almalauha' is the project I started to showcase my sewing/fashion hobby, at least that was the plan. But because I like a million different arts/crafts things, I'm just going to share most of the creative things I do on this blog.

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